Standard Colour Wraps

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Whether it’s a full color change on the boat or just keeping the same colour scheme but protecting the gel coat or paint underneath. If it’s custom or standard, complex or simple – you can count on Vinyl Boat Wraps for the best standard colour wraps in Sydney for your boat or yacht.

standard colour wraps in sydney

Stunning Nicholsen Yacht Colour Wrap Using 3M ‘Caribbean Green Flip’. Looks like a gorgeous blue on some angles!

One boat, lots of colours to choose from. Standard colour wraps in Sydney are far from Standard!

Firstly, creating a unique and astonishing look for your boat is no longer a difficult task. We can completely colour your boat in far less time and at a far more affordable price – in contrast to a marine paint job.

Vinyl boat colour wrapping is one of the best ways to convert your standard colour boat into a mind blowing one.

Our team of professional vinyl wrappers are based in Sydney. We can transform your boat into a masterpiece by providing high-quality service and using a flexible, unique, inexpensive and strong solution. Also, it doesn’t only make your boat stunning; it also protects it.

Download The 3M Wrap Film Series Color Chart 1080 Here!

No matter what colour or films you are searching for your boat, from metallic and standard colour to custom and protective films, Vinyl Boat Wraps is your one stop destination for all your boat vinyl wrap needs.

Finally, don’t spend huge dollars and sacrifice quality on an expensive paint job. Let the standard colour wraps do the magic! Most of all, vinyl wraps are typically far less expensive than a paint job. Around 1/3 of the cost, yet in contrast, they are far better quality and so much more resilient! So why wouldn’t you get it wrapped?

Are you looking for standard colour wraps in Sydney for your boat or yacht, or even something different?

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